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There are similarities between ceramics and glass.
They share some raw materials and have related production processes.
Edinburgh Ceramics has been working with fused glass since 2003.

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The process of creating fused glass panels offers new possibilities for bespoke designs. Exciting panels have been created by fusing coloured and iridescent dichroic glass, with inclusions of copper and other metals.

Unique fused glass panels are mounted with specially designed fixings, allowing light to pass through and behind each piece, exploiting the translucent quality of the glass.

Alternatively fused glass tiles or fused glass panels can be made with an opaque background, allowing direct adhesive-mounting onto the wall surface, while still allowing light to pass laterally through the top translucent glass layer. Both installation techniques are shown.

fused glass panel fused glass tiles on kitchen splashback
fused glass tile, dichroic glass detail
fused glass installation fused glass detailed view
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