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Delighted customers express their appreciation:

"Gorgeous is insufficient description! Feel free to use us for a recommendation!"
(Mr and Mrs R, Dumfriesshire)

"We are very pleased indeed that we came and took the time to let you design and produce the tiles for us... and of course they are unique... they are what we wanted and not what others thought we wanted and what we might have had to put up with. We won't hesitate to recommend you..."
(Mr and Mrs M, East Lothian)

"It continually amazes us how you both have interpreted our rough ideas and brought your own talents to create such beautiful and original tiles which we admire as works of art."
(SK and JD, Peeblesshire)

"... you made some beautiful tiles... I took photographs... I hope they give you some idea of just how rich, and right they look."
(JG, Edinburgh)

"Utterly wonderful...staggeringly good"
(friend of TMcK, Edinburgh)

"Here is a photo of the fireplace. I’m afraid it doesn’t do it justice – the whole effect is stunning in real life! Thanks again for your expertise.
(Mr and Mrs M, East Lothian)

"Thank you so much. We absolutely love it."
(K & D M, Hampshire)

Susan and Douglas take pride in their work - and so do their customers!

"If you're looking for inspiration, or if you're frustrated by the sameness of most ceramic tiles, or if your environment deserves a few special tiles, we would be pleased to see you at our studio."

Susan and Douglas Dalgleish

Introduction to extraordinary ceramic tiles.
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20th Century Decorative British Tiles

The most comprehensive guide to British tiles ever written. With over 800 pages and 3200 colour illustrations, this is the definitive work on the subject.

Edinburgh Ceramics tiles are included in volume three.

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20th Century Decorative British Tiles