Public Art commissions and tiles for commercial environments:
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ceramic tiles, Edinburgh Ceramics, Morningside

Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow:
site-specific ceramic tile installation

A unique ceramic tile installation, part of which is shown here, was made-to-measure for the gallery's top floor toilets. The concept for this project was developed as an extension of the gallery's floor designations, which are not numerical, but instead ascend through the sequence: fire, earth, water, air, above which, on the top floor, an escape into the mysteries of outer space might be desired.

GoMA ceramic tiled mirror
As an integral part of the Gallery of Modern Art's development, artists and designer-makers were engaged to assist the transformation of Glasgow's Royal Exchange building, in the heart of the city. Site-specific artworks were desired, to emphasise the historic building's new role as Glasgow's gallery of modern art. The new gallery's title was thereafter conveniently shortened to GoMA.

Following a shortlisted competitive design process, Susan and Douglas Dalgleish were commissioned to create the ceramic site-specific artworks.