Public Art commissions and tiles for commercial environments:
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ceramic tiles, Edinburgh Ceramics, Morningside
Fopp : 11 Royal Priors Shopping Centre, Leamington.

This unique wall of digital tiles was the result of Edinburgh Ceramics collaboration with
Fopp's architect and shopfitters.

digital ceramic wall tiles, FOPP Leamington, ceramic tile mural
FOPP, Leamington, digital ceramic wall tiles, ceramic tile mural
FOPP Leamington, digital ceramic wall tiles, ceramic tile mural

Fopp, Leamington

Fopp's design team recognised that a unique wall-sized image created with Edinburgh Ceramics digital ceramic tiles could help them achieve the distinctive style which they wanted for their new Leamington shop.

200mm x 200mm rippled-finish tiles were fired with a black and white Fopp logo. This was installed beside a full-colour photograph showing the 'spines' of a record collection. Both of these elements were enlarged to produce powerful 'floor to ceiling' ceramic images, expressing Fopp's distinctive retail style.

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