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A Detailed view of a fused glass sample piece,
including coloured and dichroic glass.

sample of fused glass: dichroic glass, clear glass and coloured glass

Making site-specific fused glass panels has inspired Susan to diversify into designing and making fused glass jewellery. Her dazzling glass jewellery is so inspirational that Susan has been asked to teach others how to work with these extraordinary materials and processes.

Susan runs occasional fused glass workshops where she reveals the secrets of her techniques!

Site-specific fused glass panels enhance or transform domestic environments. Such unique commissioned fused glass installations are normally created in three stages.

1. A site visit and discussion with the client informs the design process. The budget for the proposed work is agreed.

2. A design sketch and colour samples are prepared for approval.

3. The fused glass work is completed and prepared for installation.

4. Mechanical fixings and/or adhesives secure the work safely to the wall.

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