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The fireplace tiles shown here were created for the boarded-over centres of original fireplaces now adapted for other uses. Discerning clients seek a unique centrepiece for their favourite rooms.

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Cordyline tile panel Although this boarded-over fireplace has a handsome timber mantle, its hearth area has become part of the diningroom floor. Because of its prominent location in the room, the disused fireplace continues to attract attention. The handpainted cordyline tiles are designed to give this otherwise vacant flat space a satisfying visual focus.
Tiles based on curtain fabric
This old fireplace has been adapted to accommodate a new stove, installed on the hearth, in front of the original fire-opening. The bold handpainted tiles are designed to echo the pattern of a curtain fabric hanging nearby. Repeating design details in this way helps to unite disparate elements within a small room.
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