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Tile installation sequence

Printed tiles for steam room, Dean Street, Soho, photographed by Michele Panzeri

Edinburgh Ceramics' close liaison with the project architects enabled Matthew Stone's photographic image to be enlarged and printed onto ceramic wall tiles at the exact size needed. The entire wall of this steam room has been transformed by the enigmatic image of 'Bad Hanna'.

The art collector owner of this Soho property asked his architects to create a gallery space in which he could live, to include a steam room with this full wall of printed tiles– 'Bad Hanna', by artist Matthew Stone.

The tiles were created using Edinburgh Ceramics' digital ceramic tile printing process. These printed, fired ceramic tiles are waterproof, lightfast, washable and extremely durable.

At their Edinburgh Ceramics studio, Susan and Douglas Dalgleish
co-operate with clients, visual artists and designers to produce the image you want, the size you need it to be, on the most suitable ceramic tile.

Steam room tile installation sequence >>>

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