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Extraordinary digital ceramic tiles, such as these at Fopp in Manchester, are printed and fired for individual clients by Susan and Douglas Dalgleish at Edinburgh Ceramics.
Digital Ceramic Tiles at Fopp Manchester

In 2004 FOPP Records opened a new outlet off Brown Street, in central Manchester.

To create a powerful first impression when entering from street level and to emphasise the basement lightwell, digital ceramic tiles from Edinburgh Ceramics were used.

For this project a photographic image of an album collection was scanned and greatly enlarged. Working with permanent ceramic colours, the image was printed and fired onto white ceramic wall tiles.

The high quality of this architectural project saw Fopp Manchester acknowledged among "Scotland's best buildings" in the Retail and Entertainment category of the
Scottish Architecture Annual 2004.

Design: Hillside Agency, Edinburgh.

Installation: Bentleys, shopfitters, Dundee.

Project co-ordination:
Chris Stewart Architects, Glasgow.

Digital Ceramic Tiles. Digital image fired onto 200 x 200mm ceramic tiles.

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