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First-time visitors discover that the Edinburgh Ceramics studio is an intriguing combination of extraordinary ceramic tiles and the production equipment used in their creation. A visit to the studio is not an essential step on your journey to unique ceramic tiles; many of the finest ceramic tile projects completed by Edinburgh Ceramics have been designed and produced at a distance, for installation hundreds or even thousands of miles away.  

Edinburgh Ceramics studio can be found along a 'cobbled' lane within the famously respectable Morningside suburb of Edinburgh. Visitors discover that the studio occupies one of the curious old industrial buildings still surviving the city's relentless conversion to 'residential only' land use. This creeping monoculture is transforming most of old Edinburgh, gradually making the city a less diverse place in which to live. The lane at number 46 Balcarres Street is effectively an island of industrious activity in a neighbourhood which has fallen asleep, and whose population must now travel to work elsewhere.

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Ceramic Studio in old industrial building, Morningside Edinburgh

46 Balcarres Street, Morningside, Edinburgh,
EH10 5JQ

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