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Edinburgh Ceramics is the trading name of ceramic artists & designers Susan and Douglas Dalgleish. The business expanded into its present studio in Morningside, Edinburgh during 1988.

"We started our ceramic tile-making business in 1985, with an architect-led commission for three large tile-panels in a city-centre shopping mall. That project was delivered on time and on budget. It became the model for all of our subsequent tile production. We have been designing and making ceramic tiles and tile-panels for individual clients ever since."

Twenty-two years later, Susan and Douglas have an enviable reputation as Scotland's most experienced designer-makers of ceramic tiles.

"We design and make tiles for people living locally and on the other side of the world. Our ceramic tiles are enjoyed across Scotland, in many parts of England, in Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, the Falkland Islands, Australia, Pacific northwestern USA, in several parts of Norway, as well as Finland, Belgium and France. We have become very good at packing ceramics for delivery worldwide! We believe that our tiles have never broken in transit."

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